Why Remote Recruitment With An Agency Yields The Best Results

  • August 9, 2022
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With all the circumstances of 2020 essentially catapulting the world into a remote working era, it’s unsurprising that a few things stick — including remote recruitment. This isn’t a new concept, though. In the past ten years, an IWG survey shows 85% of businesses have introduced a flexible workspace policy, allowing recruiters a competitive edge to find high-quality talent. 

After the pandemic, most companies continue to opt for remote recruitment, particularly for IT positions. Here at Maracuya Consulting, we can confirm two main reasons: employers can offer convenient contracts to attract better talent and grow their business while reducing their company’s costs. Remote hiring isn’t just the best option to build a competent team. It’s also the best strategy to stay competitive in a hiring market like tech. 

An Agency Gives You The Best Reach.

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Candidates actively looking for a new job position are more likely to register with a recruitment agency, to save themselves time and be more efficient. Meanwhile, recruiters will cold-call and approach talent currently employed, either through platforms like LinkedIn or by networking alone. Not to mention, remote recruiters go where local recruiters can’t: beyond geographical boundaries. 

A remote recruitment agency means direct access to a ‘talent pool’ that may be unreachable otherwise. That’s long-term and even short-term: Contract and temp-hire roles can be filled at short notice with access to our already vetted candidates.

A Remote Recruitment Agency’s Services Aren’t Just To Find Talent.

Remote recruitment agencies go far beyond just sniffing out talent that’s tailored to your company. At Maracuya Consulting, our four main goals work in tandem for the best results. With our expertise in the technology industry, we handle everything from consulting with the company for a clear-cut talent map, to coordinating the interview process, which includes closing the job offer. Each candidate is screened through provisional tests and preliminary interviews, which equals time saved by both parties. 

You Save More Than Just Time. 

Time saved is tangible, and time is money in tech. According to Owl’s State of Remote Work, medium and small companies are twice as likely to hire full-time remote team members: remote recruitment is an effective strategy to optimize hiring costs. You won’t even need a separate budget just to post the role on job boards and local media. 

In-house staff can remain efficient at their day-to-day duties without overtime costs to the company, while our talent experts streamline only eligible, high-skilled candidates that fit the role. That also means you’re less likely to invest in the wrong hire, or a rehire. Depending on the role and the company, a bad hire can cost a company an average of 30 percent of the candidate’s first-year earnings according to 2021 research by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Priceless Market Knowledge At Your Fingertips.

Managing the entire hiring process also means we’re able to apply expert market experience like determining research-backed salary rates, best practice procedures, hiring complexities, recruitment legalities, trending IT niches, regular market insight, shortages, plus more. 

Let Maracuya Consulting Be Your Professional Connect To Remote Tech Hubs!

Using a remote recruitment agency means you find high-skilled, role-specific talent while also receiving support to maximize your business’s potential. Specializing in connecting talent to tech hubs across Latin America, it’s time to level up with Maracuya Consulting

So whether your business is an innovative green start-up to a large multinational in tech, Maracuya is your eyes and ears in the market. Spend your energy growing your business, while the 100% remote recruitment team at Maracuya Consulting spends it finding the best talent for you.

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